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Hello Troop Leaders,

I’d like to extend an invitation for your troop to attend FROG (Frederick Older Girls & Advisors). Many leaders in Frederick County may not have heard of FROG, so I included some information about us. Our purpose is to provide activities and events for older Girl Scouts that they might not be able to do otherwise.

Who We Are
We are Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts and leader volunteers in Frederick County who have formed a group to:

•Meet regularly to discuss local issues about Cadette, Senior and Ambassador activities. Current meetings occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:00-8:30 at Trinity United Methodist Church. We meet downstairs in room 207.
•Help new Cadette leaders through the early meetings by providing opportunities for girls to do activities and possibly earn badges.
•Combine resources to provide activities for the older Girl Scouts in Frederick County.

What We Do
•We provide opportunities for the Older Girls of Frederick County to participate in a wide variety of activities.
•We are capable of reaching a large number of Older Girl Scouts for special activities and service projects that arise on a moment’s notice and need fast action.
•The events and projects supported by FROG are to benefit many girls, and are funded by the girls attending the event. Our organization is not in the position to provide funding to support an event benefiting a single troop or girl.

Why We Do It
  • Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops are often smaller in size than Daisy, Brownie and Junior, and by combining resources, the Frederick County leaders are able to provide activities for older girls that might otherwise be impossible for a leader of one small troop to accomplish.
  • Today’s girls have so many demands on their time, as well as the leaders. FROG is a vehicle to divide up the work among a few leaders required for special events and activities and eliminates duplication in effort.
  • Further, older girls get a chance to meet and work with other Girl Scouts in the community. New friendships are formed, both among the girls and the leaders as we meet to explore issues, find solutions, and just have fun.

How Do I Join or Re-register with this Group

Each year troops must register with FROG by completing the FROG Registration/Information. Mail the completed form and your annual dues to the contact listed on the form. Attend the monthly FROG meetings, get involved with event planning and make it happen for you, your girls, and others within this group. Juliette’s are strongly encouraged to join FROG. They must complete the registration form but are not required to pay the registration fee.

Each meeting brings out new ideas and suggestions!

Anyone would be happy to answer questions you or your parents may have about FROG. I can be reached at We look forward to meeting your girls and having a great year with them!

Thank you,
Jennie Mettert-Young

Meeting Information

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